I love observing the changes felt by our best friends.  My most recent experience has been with our family dog Tango.  This was him recently unable to move a step, and upon palpation I found the painful spot to be in his right front shoulder. After doing some Bowen moves over the site and including some more for relaxation I observed him for the remainder of the day still resting and laying low.  The following morning he stood and put pressure on his leg and took a few steps.  I was mindful to not overwork him with a walk this day, allowing the treatment to do its adjustment. The following day he was up and about playing outside and I rested him again as he was cautious about jumping. For the next two days the walks were of shorter duration as the Bowen is allowing the body to facilitate change for up to a week, and I want to see him confident with a full range of movement.

The thing also exciting was as it was over a weekend I was grateful to avoid expensive after hours vet bills and anti-infammatory medicines. Yes given that medicines have their place, sometimes they seem to be un-necessary with soft-tissue problems.  Bowen can be an alternative option worth trying and trusting.  Pet sessions by donation.

Here are the before and after photos of Tango...


20161016 105803 1024x576Tango 2





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