Here in Perth, Western Australia we have abundant hours of sunshine which glistens on the vibrant hues of the Indian Ocean.  I love how being in harmony with nature provides rich moments for reflection and new choices in our lives.  A place to honour and love the change.  Where you can find your own pearls of wisdom you are deeply searching for. 


Shell and pearls


to utilise this opportunity ...


A Life Healing session combines a Bowen Therapy treatment with a Coaching Session in the same Clinic appointment.  In this space the magic really can happen. Whatever challenges you may be facing can be explored.  

Combining the two modalities encompasses a deeper transformation, exploring any emotional elements underlying the physical pain.  To join me in this experience requires just one hour of your time with a curiosity and courage to embrace some new joy in your life.  

Sometimes one session is all that is required.  Usually however a commitment to a series of sessions can result in a more profound release of presenting symptoms of pain and dis-ease, creating improved health & harmony.

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