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Temporo Mandibular Joint (TMJ) disorder can mimic the symptoms of many other musculoskeletal problems. Find out more...

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Discover a Balance of Heart, Mind, Body & Soul where you choose to experience increased Joy in Your Life!

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Our Vision is to hold hope for Health, Wellbeing and Positive Planetary change. With Families discovering to appreciate & dance through life with more Simplicity.  Where awareness & simple changes become helpful tools to practice living a life of more Inner Peace, Joy & Wonder. That when we take steps in our own growth, even if seemingly small ones, combined like grains of sand on a beach, can be a step towards improving the impacts upon Gaia. 

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“Take Care of your Body, it’s the only place you have to Live” Jim Rohn 

Bowen Therapy is a fantastic treatment for maintaining the mobility & balance of your mind and body. As we send our cars for a service, so too it is important to invest in a regular tune-up for ourself. This keeps us in optimal function and reduces the stress of today’s busy lifestyles.

Bowen is typically gentle, performed through light clothing and it is for the whole family, our pets included.  From babies and growing children, to helping the elderly.  Visit our Therapies & Reviews pages to see how Bowen Therapy may benefit You.

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