I have always had an interest in natural therapies and their healing benefits.  As a child my mother would take me to a homeopathic doctor to help with my overwhelming anxiety and asthma, so gained some understanding from then, in the power of an integrated approach to health and wellbeing.  In my weekly self-care routine I enjoy including some gentle stretching, yoga, pilates and walking our lovely dog (whom has since crossed the rainbow bridge).  Being a parent and working in corporate industries, I can also relate to the demands in balancing a myriad of transitions, complex situations and relationships.

Relocating to Perth, Australia from Christchurch, NZ in 2008 with a young family, found me seeking help for the stress of moving and settling in a new country.  As part of my healing I learned to cultivate some Meditation practices and trained in Bowen Therapy plus Mentoring/Life Coaching, enjoying running my business and collaborating with others in wellbeing clinics. 

I was inspired to also complete a Diploma of Transformational Holistic Counselling in 2021, to learn how to be more deeply present with myself and others, in the most difficult times.  I have found having holistic counselling sessions myself, so personally beneficial, for meeting challenges and growth with courage.  It is not always easy to be in the vulnerabilities and emotions that can surface in our awareness, with the many aspects of loss or change.

The lovely thing about Holistic Counselling, is it can be such a transformative healing experience, when unresolved pain, problems and feelings are heard in a warm, genuine space of non-judgment and confidentiality.  For many people having a space, a time just for self, if used to giving to others in their lives, can feel new or even a bit daunting.  For some, entering counselling may be the first time to put themselves first and allow the care that they give to others.  

There is no rushing into solutions but an acceptance, for clients to work at their own pace and to bring whatever they may feel, in a conversation.  To release misconceptions and normalise the counselling experience for others, feels so hopeful and encouraging.  As paying attention to nurturing our mental health and bearing witness to the inner-most disharmonies, does create an important and valuable space. Much like a window or doorway, through into possible understanding.  

As a professional Counsellor I undertake regular supervision, personal therapy and ongoing training, as feel these are vital elements which also aid Therapists in continuing to be effective and well balanced in their work and in life.   You are welcome to contact me if you would like to set up an introductory appointment or ask any questions.  I am generally able to respond to enquiries within 24 hours, on the next working day.  If you have loved ones you would like to refer to me, you are welcome to pass my details to them. 

I look forward to talking with you.   
+61 449 698 070

Kind regards, Jen


Loving Change

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