Meditation can be an effective tool for our Self-care.  In the Workplace it helps in reducing stress, the days taken off work, enhancing work enjoyment and effective productivity.  Some Doctors are now recommending the benefits towards disease prevention and more wellness.

From working in the Corporate Sector and being a busy Mother, I understand the expectations of achieving targets and deadlines in this modern world.  With this in mind my approach to Meditation is that it doesn't have to look a certain way, like having a still mind.  People often share this can feel too much of a stretch, especially in the beginning, so I like to offer a place which enables people to feel comfortable.

I think this helps to give it a go and see how it feels, as each moment is unique to every person, their environments and experiences.  This in itself can bring more acceptance to the space of just showing up, to practice and enjoy being in the current moment.  Warm regards Jen 



Enjoy simple guided mindfulness processes, with time to rest & take some breaths, while restoring focus & vitality. 

Bookings from 30minutes to 1 hour, with no maximum participants - (either in person or on-line)  


Wisdom in your Workspace

A fun and relaxing Workshop learning how to cultivate essential Self-care, with simple practical tools that create awareness of:

- How to stay more calm and centred with work deadlines.

- Awareness of possible burn-out and mental health signs.  

- Feel confident with the ability to respond more effectively in your home and workspace.   




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