Fur-friends Care

Bowen is really wonderful for our fur-baby friend's soft-tissue injury, after surgery care, anxiety, depression and even difficulty eating. Or if illness or the loss of a loved companion is feeling deeply difficult and emotionally confusing, in a caring conversation Jen listens with compassion.

Holistic Counselling

Our relationships with both self or others can go through times of painful, difficult change, crisis and joyful phases. Jen provides a genuine care and listening warmth, in a lovely healing space, where you may bring any of your problems and feelings.

Bowen Treatment

Heal injury and pain with the gentle but profound gentle hands on treatment of Bowen Therapy. Allow the bodies' own innate wisdom, to simply release, calm, reset and heal. A tune up for body, mind and soul. Wonderful for the whole family, as well as our beloved pets!

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Complimentary 10min