With Gratitude For The Kind Feedback

I have had the honor of working with both Jen and Reinette in a professional and personal basis. They worked at The Healing Rooms and always conducted themselves within the highest ethics. They were instrumental in getting our news letter running and working with our open days.  Jen & Reinette bring a wonderful combination of Bowen Therapy, Life Coaching and Mentoring along with their own personal knowledge and journeys. I feel very grateful that they were a part of my team and know that they will bring the highest standards to whatever they do".       Dr Jenna Cornell, (FRACGP)  Medical Practice Owner


On-line Sessions

Having been a long term client of Jen’s I have recently done a couple of Distance sessions with her, which I found very helpful. I was able to chat with Jen initially to work out what core issues and challenges could be impacting my body, mind and soul. The session progressed to a guided meditation, which was relaxing and beneficial even though it could not be in person. I felt blockages and areas of tension releasing and a sense of positive and uplifting energies after the session. It is good to be able to be able to continue to work at distance with Jen at this challenging and transformative time in the world.  R. Thomas, August 2020


Pain-Free Pets

Highly recommended Jen for BOWEN FOR PETS .
Jen helped my dog with her limping and saved her the trauma of an operation … plus a saving of over $10,000 .
3 sessions and my beautiful dog was running around like a puppy.
Can’t recommend Jen and her Bowen for Pets enough.  S. Clewley
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Energetic Hygiene Workshops

"Jen and Reinette present a very cohesive workshop, they complement each other beautifully while delivering helpful strategies, that contain useful personal content for Practitioners".                     Tracy S, Cairns - August 2020

“Very nice resources. Jen has a very accepting manner which is so helpful when presenting material.  She is totally flexible for needs of the group”.  Sharon, NZ - March 2020



Since I started Meditation with Jen I have learnt to calm my mind and body.  This has helped me with my reaction to stressful situations.  Ellie - March 2017

Recently I had the pleasure of joining one of Jen Taylor's Meditation session's.  Jen has a lovely gentle way of holding space & sharing her wisdom in a kind & caring way.  The meditation session was a time of relaxation & reflection facilitated by Jen.   Mel - March 2017


Bowen Therapy & Transformational Mentoring

I walked (barely) into the Healing Rooms unable to turn my head, sit without pain or get comfortable in any position (which meant sleepless nights and lots of anti-inflammatories). One session with Jenny and I not only was able to sit, drive and sleep but I discovered more about how my body works. I would recommend Bowen Therapy and the Healing Rooms to anyone in need of physical, emotional or spiritual relief. Thank you Jenny - K. Holmes 2018

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My 10 month old daughter was immediately soothed & relaxed by the gentle Bowen Therapy.  The following day her cold released & she is now much happier.  Olivia - April 2017


I have Lupus and have struggled with joint and muscle pain since being diagnosed 13 years ago.  A friend suggested Bowen Therapy which led me to Jen.  Since starting Bowen I have noticed that the range of motion in my joints has improved and the pain is easing.  On top of this, there is just the simple feeling of wellness that I didn't think possible before finding Bowen Therapy.  Laura - April 2017


I had my first Bowen Therapy with Jenny last week.  Not only is she a lovely, friendly and nurturing lady, but also gave me relief from my back pain, and general body aches and pains. Thank you Jen! Sarah Bailey - October 2016


I have had several Bowen sessions with Jenny Taylor and after each session I could feel all stress leave my body, I felt very relaxed. I was also having problems eating as I had a fractured jaw from a tooth extraction that went wrong. A few months after the fracture healed I still had trouble chewing. Jenny did some work on my jaw and I could feel a difference, straight away I was chewing normally. I am very pleased with the results I received from Bowen and I found Jenny to be very gentle and caring.  Thank you, Lorraine Cochrane - July 2015


I have had the pleasure of receiving Bowen treatments from Jenny Taylor for approximately two years during which time I was recovering from having one lung removed. Jenny’s treatments were very beneficial in providing both a very kind and supportive environment and also specific treatment for the physical discomfort and emotional stress experienced at this time.

Jenny has also been treating me for a chronic back pain and overall wellbeing with very significant results and I highly recommend her as a professional and very caring practitioner who holds a very gentle and calm space for her clients. I very much look forward to my continuing journey in greater wellbeing.  Yours sincerely, Lorraine Town - August 2015


I started seeing Jen about two years ago for migraines. I have tried everything from diet, medication, acupuncture, physiotherapy, chiropractic etc, but nothing worked for long. After just one session I felt like a new person. I couldn't believe it! Here I got relief after just one session and I was even feeling more relaxed and patient with the kids. It felt like I was floating and nothing could get me under.  It was going great, but after a few months I got stomach cramps and lower back pain. It felt like someone had placed a big strap around my middle and it was just getting tighter and tighter. I decided to try Bowen Therapy again and to my relief it worked. The tightness and cramps disappeared!  Now I hardly go to the doctor anymore. I go and see Jen whenever I can for some maintenance and I love the new patient, healthy me! I would suggest to anyone tired of living with any pain, discomfort or a chronic condition to go and see a Bowen Therapist. It might just work for you!    Reinette Nel - June 2015 


To Whom It Concerns, My experiences of the Coaching sessions I had with Jen Taylor were all positive and encouraging. I especially appreciated the non-judgemental space that Jen provided and how this encouraged me to explore and talk about areas that are quite personal to myself. In fact, I surprised myself how easy it was to talk about these in front of Jen and not once did she make me feel embarrassed to talk and think openly. After the sessions and upon reflection time, the opportunity to receive some coaching from Jen, put me in a positive frame of mind to tackle the issues and has supported my growth. Thank you Jen.  Best Regards Peter Cook - May 2015


Jen Taylor has enabled me to accept things are not always perfect, I'm not always perfect, but life will move forward with or without me. Accept things for what they are, and not how you wish them to be, acknowledge our shortcomings, continually strive to be the person we want, regardless of today's outcome.  Cheers Chris B. - December 2015


Working with Jen has been an enlightening experience for me. Her Coaching sessions have allowed me to discern where I am in my life, where I want to go and most importantly how to reach my goals. Jen helped me clarify what is really important to me. Once the way was clear, Jen helped me put new ideas into practice with little reminders for myself to stay on track. In just a few weeks I’ve seen my relationships with my family and friends evolve into greater nurturing and understanding and my overall life satisfaction grow in leaps and bounds.  Thanks Jen, Sharon Anile - Feb 2014




Loving Change

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